What Every Entrepreneur Needs To Do – Go Into the Batcave

There will be times in every entrepreneur’s life when they need to go into the Batcave.

We all know why Batman goes into the infamous Bat Cave located right under Wane Manor. It’s where he figures out his next plan of attack by gathering intel and studying his opponents.

He’s got his gadgets, his computer, and of course, all his bad-ass vehicles.

I might not have any of that cool stuff, but for the past year or so, that’s where I’ve been – In my Batcave.






Now I’m back. Sort of.

Why the disappearing act? Quite simply, I was overwhelmed. My website had been hacked. Subscribers quit. Then I changed themes…and it just went downhill from there.

I got to the point where I started wondering if it was all worth it.

This article is #539 so I’ve spent a lot of time and energy into writing.

Looking back, it’s pretty silly actually.

One of the most important reasons to write a blog isn’t just for the reader, but for the writer themselves. It allows us to get our ideas out of our head and onto paper (so to speak).

With our ideas right there in front of us, it allows us to crystallize our thoughts.

Knowing that I wrote 500+ articles on personal development gives me loads of ammunition that I can put to work later on, in the form of special reports, podcasts, seminar material, DVD trainings, ebooks, and the like.

In the marketing world, it’s called repackaging. I call it, good business.

While I failed, the writing I did and lessons I learned were invaluable.

So I took a step back from this site, but continued posting stuff over on Facebook. I also refined my LinkedIn Page, attended a JV seminar with one of the top minds in the world, read even more books and developed some new (very cool) material.

A new website is in the oven that will compliment iSucceed.

No, I’m not leaving iSucceed.

I’m just switching gears.

iSucceed will be hub, where people can check out new podcasts (I’ve got a few lined up), pick up special reports and new materials plus go over my old articles which are full of content. Posting, however, will be on a different platform – THE HUFFINGTON POST!!!

Yep, you’ll be able to find me over there and I’ll be focusing on two main topics: time management and joint ventures. But from time to time I might sneak in something different.

Be sure to join my FB page to get the latest post updates.

I’ve enjoyed writing here, but now it’s time to take things to the next level.

Adrian Shepherd

ps. once my new site is up and my materials are ready, I’ll be putting up info on FB and LinkedIn. So keep your eyes out for that (and any other special announcements)




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