WWTCD – What Would Tom Cruise Do?

Knowledge can come from the most unusual sources…

However, most people tend to rely on what I call the “big 3” which are: family, school and friends.

Some people, like myself, tend to think that’s just not enough.

We have at our fingertips access to the best minds in the world: Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Steven Covey, Peter Drucker, Seth Godin and Donald Trump, to name just a few. Any topic you’re interested in learning about, it’s there.

I am, of course, talking about the Internet. We can order their books, watch their speeches, or pick up some audio trainings in less time than it takes to tie our own shoelaces.

This should come as no big surprise to anyone.

However, for those smart enough to pick up some study material, the question then becomes, “WWTCD?”

Short for, “What would Tom Cruise do?”

In actual fact, any name would do, but I chose Tom Cruise for three reasons.

First, it’ll get this page ranked. Second, it’s spark some people’s interest. And third, because he’s good lookingno not really (but he is handsome), the reason is because last month I finally finished Neil Strauss’ book, The Game, in which he talks about the importance of putting yourself in the shoes of someone you respect and look up to when making decisions.

As such, if you were dealing with real estate, you might say to yourself “What would Donald Trump do?”

The reason being, is too often we self-sabotage our own success.

Personally, I am veryhow should I put it, rigid. Many people think that I want things “my way.”

They’re half right. I do want things done my waywhen there is no better alternative. Actually, I’d much prefer to let someone else take charge and simply support them. However, I refuse to idly around while someone leads me into battle without a piss poor plan.

I used to think I had all the answers. I found out I didn’t.

Today, I defer to people who know much more than me. But as I discussed in chapter two of my book, iSucceed, the key is not information, but rather the source of that information. (especially online we must be wary of where the information came from)

When it comes to business management, Peter Drucker is my go-to guy. WWPDD. And then I apply everything I have learned from his books to my situation.

Marketing, Dan Kennedy. WWDKD.

Motivation, Tony Robbins. WWTRD.

Personal development, Jim Rohn. WWJRD.

In the end, what I do is in my hands. I must take responsibility for whatever I decide. However, before I make my final decision, I consult my experts.

One mistake I find too many people make is that they listen to the majority.

Newsflash, the majority isn’t always right, and in fact, when it comes to success and wealth, that’s the last thing you want to do.

Instead, follow the advice of Jim Rohn who said, “Success leaves clues,” and go in search of those who have the answers you’re looking for.

Another mistake people make is not listening to anyone; thinking they have all the answers.

No one person has all the answers which is why I have a group of people I turn to when I need answers. Even then, I still make mistakes. Even experts make mistakes.

But chances are better that you’ll come out a winner if you take a little time to study and then ask yourself, WWTCD?

Adrian Shepherd

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