why is it the people that need to diet never do and the people who don’t do

The other day when I was talking with a friend who is interested in marketing and the self-development field he mentioned something to me that I found rather interesting.

He told me that he had heard someone say this about his self-development material, “The people who don’t need it, buy it. The people who need it, don’t.”

At first that struck me as curious…but isn’t that always the case, the people who need to do something are often the last people to do it.

The people who are 40lbs (about 18 kg) overweight, are the ones who don’t watch what they eat.

I immediately thought about the people in my life and I have a few friends that practically never check my blog.

I know that one of them is struggling with their work.

Another with money.

And a few in their relationships.

And yet, they can’t be bothered to spend a lousy 5 minutes reading.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you know that I try and address each of these areas and more in hopes of passing along what I’ve learned and experienced.

There’s no reason that you guys have to sit down and read all the books I have, or listen to hours and hours of audio sessions, or watch DVD trainings all day long – unless you want to.

That’s my job.

It’s what I enjoy and I try and take some of the best ideas and share them with you here.

I add in my stories and my flare as well as some of the insight I come up with during my daily life.

My goal is to make your lives easier, more productive, and happier in the fastest way possible.

Some ideas take years to implement, but most of what I talk about here can be done today, in 15 minutes time.

And still people can’t seem to do them.

Why? It’s one of the great mysteries of life.

Why do some people go for the gold? And others just sit there and wait?

Why do some people invest their time, money and energy into the future? While others flitter it all away?

No one knows.

I learned a long time ago that I can’t help everyone, I just try my best to help the people I can.

Hopefully I’m doing my job so far.

Adrian Shepherd

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