when it comes to success, it’s always about desire

People often think that success in linked to the people we know, how much money we have and where we live.

And while all of those things to play a part I have found that it’s one simple thing that separates the winners from the losers – desire.

Desire is something that can never be taught, but through study, you can find it.

Desire keeps you going when everything looks impossible.

Desire is the X-Factor that so many people overlook.

A client of mine moved to the US for his studies and recently we chatted through Facebook.

He is contemplating staying there to finish his college career so he asked me what I thought.

In the end I broke it down for him two ways:

  • Stay there – learn more English, enjoy life there, study business
  • Come back – learn more English, enjoy life there, study business

Sound the same but the results could be drastically different.

I honestly can’t say what will happen.

All I know is that it’s not about where, what or how. It’s about who.

And that who is YOU, and how much desire you have to achieve what you want.

I’ve met people who lived in the US for 10 years and their English was poor.

I’ve met people who are native speakers whose English is poor.

I’ve also met Chinese people who have impeccable English, much better than me.

But I don’t claim to be the best English speaker, what I do try to be is the best ME I can.

If you’re truly giving it your all then you’re on your way.

But we must ensure that we’re on the right track.

I have known good people who have given it their all only to fail because they were heading in the wrong direction.

Studying the right people allows us to get on the right track.

If you want to become a software giant then it pays to study Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg and Steve Jobs.

If basketball’s your thing, choose between Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson or Lebron James.

Study and apply what the experts have learnt and you’ll save yourself both time and money.

In the end though, your desire is what separates you from the pack.

So get inspired.

Let your desire drive you.

Go make your mark on the world.

Adrian Shepherd

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