what’s on your new year’s resolutions’ list

A strange thing happens on December 31st each year.

People all over the world realize that the new year is upon them and decide that this is the year that they’re going to make the changes needed to live the life they want to live.

We have people making diet plans, business plans, relationship plans, exercise plans and a whole bunch of other plans.

We tell our friends that we’re going to do this and that, but when we run into them a few months down the line few of us have accomplished any of them.

Why is that? Most of us know why. While the idea is good, putting it into action is where we find out what we’re made of.

The action part is where most of us fall short. It’s easy enough to say we’ll do something but doing it is something completely different.

Some resolutions never even get started. We say to ourselves things like, “Well, I didn’t really want to do that.”

Most of us do get started on our resolutions only to fall flat a few weeks or months into it because we just don’t get the results we were after.

And if the results aren’t what we hoped for, what’s the use in continuing?

Regardless of what your resolutions are I hope you stick with them. Resolutions are in a sense – our dreams and hopes which is why they’re worth fighting for.

So what do I have in store for 2011? Here’s my list:

  • Create vlogs (video blogs)
  • Publish my book
  • Study marketing with a top online marketer
  • Finish my next book
  • Interview some VIPs
  • Introduce my coaching program

These are just a few of the many things I have my sights set on.

So now let me ask you, what’s on your list?

Adrian Shepherd

2 thoughts on “what’s on your new year’s resolutions’ list”

  1. This is a good idea.
    My list is
    Read two unread books of the Harry Potter series
    Keep writing stories
    Keep listening CDs
    (End with a smile everyday)

    1. Love your list Mika…I especially like the last one – there are so many people that go to be stressed and worried about the future. Smiling means that we did something good today and we can look forward to tomorrow.

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