what a day at the park can teach us about living the good life

Yesterday was like any other holiday. I woke up, spent the day at a park with my family and fell asleep around 11.

And yet, looking back on it now I realize just how special it really was.

Sometimes in this crazy topsy-turvy world we live in we forget just how lucky we really are so having days when you spend it with those that mean the most to you can really hit home.

We should never forget just how special those people are to us.

With the three of us laughing and smiling all day long it reminded me that good old fashion fun never goes out of style.

For my son it was the first time to see chickens and he was mesmerized by the spectacle of being surrounded by them.

My wife prepared a picnic which hit the spot.

I was able to capture some shots to share with friends and family.

We also enjoyed eating fresh strawberries under the hot sun that we picked ourselves.

All told it cost us less than $50 for the three of us to have a day we won’t soon forget.

And the ultimate compliment – my son fell asleep in the car ride home, minutes after we left the park.

In this age of high tech it’s easy to lose sight of what the good life is – new experiences, sharing them with people we love, and reminding ourselves just how lucky we all are.

Adrian Shepherd

1 thought on “what a day at the park can teach us about living the good life”

  1. Yes, you are right.
    We tend to forget to have a grateful heart to our small happiness in our daily life.
    My greatest happiness is to see my family live happily. Also if my knee doesn’t hurt, it’s very happy.

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