two words send chills down my spine

“Success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day…”

That has to be one of my favorite quotes of the man I consider my mentor, Jim Rohn.

Success is not magical.

It’s not voodoo.

What’s most amazing is it is quite predictable.

And yet, most people never achieve what I consider true success.

To me success isn’t just about money (although many people think it is), to me, success is living well which means in every area of your life.

Tony Robbins talks about a life wheel in which he breaks down our lives into 8 distinct areas. What most people find in taking the time to fill it out is that their wheel isn’t going to get them very far because it’s out of whack.

That’s where balance comes in. I mean what good is being a millionaire and not having any time to spend with your family or do what you love.

What good is it to be the CEO of a company working 80 hours a week and digging yourself an early grave.

Sure, we need to make money a priority as it is a big part of life (despite what some people say) but it’s not the only thing.

Personally, when I sit down with clients to get a better understanding of their lives, in a very short period of time I am able to assess which areas of life they are having trouble with but above all there are two words that really tip me off.

Pretty much everyone you ask will say they want one of three things:

  1. Better health (exercise, diet)
  2. More money (promotion, job, salary, business)
  3. More time (freedom to do what they want)

That’s what is all boils down to. But as soon as they have finished explaining to me just what it is they want most people add one of two words:

  1. But
  2. If

And variations thereof; however, although, had I, despite, no matter…the list goes on.

As soon as people say these words I know that they are offering up an excuse as to why they cannot do what they say they really want, but the truth of the matter is if we really want it, we will find a way.

Have you ever really wanted something? I mean REALLY wanted it.

A new toy, a car, some shoes, a date, a promotion…in this day and age, there’s nothing really stopping us get what we really want. All it takes is figuring out how to get it.

There are books on dating, sales, marketing, investing, pretty much everything. And if books aren’t your thing, then you’ve got audio lectures, DVD training courses and seminars you can attend.

But as soon as you use “But” or “If” then you are stopping yourself.

One of the things nearly every client is guilty of is saying that they wanted to or tried to do something BUT didn’t have the time.

Man, if I had a dime for every time I heard this one.

The fact is we all have time, but if we don’t have time to do what we really should, then that’s our choice.

I run three businesses. I work between six and eight hours a day. I study finance for at least an hour a day as well as study marketing or success for another hour. I update two Facebook fanpages daily. I’m a father and have to take my son to school each morning and play with him at night. I do yoga on weekdays and Karate on Saturday. I manage this website which includes writing a post or two a week. I also do the laundry, vacuum and sometimes even cook occasionally. And in case you’re wondering, I sleep between six and seven hours a day.

And guess what? I still have time.

Much more than people might think.

But I guard my time like a hawk.

I know it’s valuable and I don’t give it to just anyone. My family comes first. Work second.

The point is I know I can’t use time as an excuse.

Truthfully, most people should fess up and admit that they wanted to do something other than the task at hand. In fact, as a coach, I insist people admit the truth about why they weren’t able to do what they said they would.

They need to hear it themselves instead of falling back into our childhood excuses of “but” and “if.”

The problem isn’t you couldn’t do it. The problem is you didn’t.

Adrian Shepherd

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