transform ideas into millions by writing them down

About 20 years ago Michael Crichton became an overnight success with the release of his bestselling book Jurassic Park.

I will admit that I didn’t rush out and buy the book, but I was looking forward to seeing the movie as it was directed by Steven Spielberg and had gotten rave reviews for its computer graphics.

The movie lived up to the hype, but it wasn’t until I read the book a few years later that I realized just how gifted Michael Crichton really was. And for those of you who haven’t read the book I encourage you to. It’s one of the top three novels I’ve ever read.

In it, scientists are able to create dinosaurs by extracting dinosaur DNA from mosquitoes preserved in amber.

Now that idea was born in the mind of Michael Crichton, but just the other day on Yahoo I noticed that a group of scientists intend to create a woolly mammoth using pretty much the same concept.

Some of you might have heard that Leonardo Da Vinci drew pictures of helicopters years before the technology to bring them to life had existed.

Every single product you see was once an idea in someone’s mind. The telephone – Graham Alexander Bell, the airplane – The Wright Brothers, the iPad – Steve Jobs.

Some ideas take years before they ever see the light of day. It is visionaries like the men above and their ideas that have helped changed the world forever forward.

That’s why I encourage you to keep an idea journal or file with just some things that pop into your mind.

They may not be possible at the moment or you might not have the knowhow to create them, but that can all change in a heartbeat.

Sadly most of us go to our graves with our ideas still locked away inside of us – the cure for cancer, the finest concerto or hyper-drive technology.

Don’t let that be you.

Write them down.

Think about them.

Take action on a few of them.

Design your own life.

Live life to its fullest.

Adrian Shepherd

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