time management tip # 3 busy little bee

The other day I called a friend of mine to see if he was free for dinner. Unfortunately he wasn’t.

Then as anyone would I asked them when we might be able to get together – at earliest, a month from today.

Busy little bee indeed.

So what does my friend do you might ask. Perhaps he’s a

  • CEO
  • high ranking executive
  • single father

No, just a regular guy teaching English here in Japan. Does he have kids? No.

So it got me thinking – what does he spend all his time doing?

Work, meetings, parties, friends and even doctor’s appointments can all take up a little bit of time leaving us with practically nothing left.

We’ve all had times when our schedule was just solid.

The problem with filling our schedule up with small things is that we don’t leave the door open for opportunity.

We’ve all heard the expression, “opportunity knocks,” but what if we’re always out?

What I have found is that nearly all truly successful people, while they may be busy, have time available.

They simply set time aside to allow them to do the unexpected.

It may not be as easy as that but if we start by setting aside one night a week for our family and another for opportunity we are in with a good chance of being able to live a truly successful life.

Adrian Shepherd

2 thoughts on “time management tip # 3 busy little bee”

  1. Several years ago I heard about a man who never rearranged his schedule just to accommodate others’ requests. I’m a housewife and I used to arrange my schedule around my family’s needs. Of course sometimes I didn’t want to change my schedule but I always put my family before myself. Now? I enjoy my life. I couldn’t be happier 🙂

    1. Hi Mika,

      Thanks for the comments I used to be just like you – constantly adjusting my schedule to fit others’ needs. But I learned the lesson the hard way, we should make sure we have time for what we feel is important if we’re ever to be truly happy.

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