Andrew Morgan shares the secret to rock hard abs and an amazing body

I’ve always dreamed of having rock hard abs and an incredible body that would make women turn their heads.

I played basketball for 2 hours each day, 5 times a week in high school – no six-pack.

Back in my early twenties, I did close to 400 sit-ups a day for a few months – no six-pack.

I did Pilates for about 6 months in my early thirties – no six-pack.

So I resigned myself to the fact that my dream body just wasn’t going to happen.

But just before X-Mas I had the chance to sit down and talk with my friend, Andrew Morgan, and talk about his area of expertise; nutrition and body shaping.

It was a rather revealing conversation and I had hoped to share it with you via audio, but sadly there was too much static on the recording. However, thanks to his help, I was able to write it up in its entirety.

For anyone who has ever wanted to lose weight, get in shape or have an awesome body, this is something not to be missed.

The evidence speaks for itself as you’ll see when you check out his site.

Adrian Shepherd


Adrian: Ok, let me start out by thanking you so much for taking some time out of your schedule to talk with me today, Andrew.

Andrew: No worries.

Adrian: I appreciate that. Ah, now you’re an expert in the field of nutrition. That’s correct?

Andrew: I would not call myself an expert, certainly not. But I am very interested in nutrition and I do spend a lot of time studying nutrition, But, it is a personal journey that’s continuing, right? I learn new things every day.

Adrian: Ok, Well, how did you get into it originally?

Andrew: Ummm, originally it was all kind all born out of frustration really. I used to be really into martial arts and I was doing that.

I was doing Karate and I was doing Aikido, and I was also going to the gym 3 days a week, and despite about seven martial arts sessions and 3 days at the gym. I still didn’t have a six pack.

Adrian: (Laugh)

Andrew: And I was like, “how is this possible?”, and from then on I just started studying more and more and yeah, that just led me into nutrition I guess naturally from there, then recently this last year I’ve started helping people professionally.

But that has been something that has been building over the last 4 years, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

Adrian: Ok, what could you tell us what those things have been or what, what you’ve discovered on your journey?

Andrew: A lot of the things that I thought to be true or are commonly believed to be true are generally not, for example, in my world, the kind of body building world it’s believed that you need to eat every 2 or 3 hours to keep metabolism going to get protein to the muscles so that muscle isn’t catabolized and also that you can fire up your metabolism to burn the fat off.

That’s just simply not true, and none of the research actually supports that.

Which I really found fascinating and once I found that out, you know you dig a little deeper and you find out that suddenly breakfast actually doesn’t have to be the most important meal of the day.

Any meal you can make the biggest meal of the day uh and your body will work to make it work for you.

Actually interestingly, there was a very controlled study six weeks… they took 3 groups of people. Everybody in each group had the same amount of calories, but they were on deficit calories, they wanted to see who would lose the most weight over six weeks.

The first group um had their three meals split evenly, the second group had, we’ll call them the breakfast group, they ate more food for breakfast, but then less dinner and the third group ate more dinner then less at breakfast. We’ll call them the dinner group.

Now usually you would think that the breakfast group would lose more weight, because breakfast is better for you. Would you agree with that?

Adrian: Sure, that’s makes sense to me.

Andrew: It turned out that the breakfast group did lose more weight, however, when you looked into what kind of weight they lost. They lost fat and muscle mass, however the dinner group lost more fat overall.

The dinner group was better able to preserve muscle mass.

Adrian: Hmmmm.

Andrew: Isn’t that interesting?

Adrian: Yeah, I had never even thought about it before.

Andrew: And it’s all, it’s all just little studies like this that show you all of these myths… (to download and read the entire interview, click here)

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