the one thing we never want to hear but know people are right

People want to be happy.

And people know that to be happy requires a certain amount of money, which is why people choose to study anywhere between 4 and 8 years after graduating high school – to ensure themselves the best chance at a comfortable life.

Some people don’t want to have a boss so they start their own business.

And a small percentage of people really want to be wealthy or rich.

Why is that? When money gives us the freedom to live our lives the way we choose, why would some people not want to achieve success?

Good question. I’ve often wondered why people do the things they do.

I’ve thought about this for years and I’ve come to the simple conclusion that most people simply aren’t willing to do what it takes to be successful.

That might sound harsh. That may sound mean. But that’s what I’ve found.

People are always looking for that magic pill that will make all their dreams come true; bilingual, New York Times bestseller, perfect mother, CEO, doctor, you name it, people often want things till they find out how hard it can be.

Take me for instance. When I was in junior high, I wanted to skateboard. I bought a nice board and couldn’t have been happier.

One year later that skateboard languished in my closet.

It was impractical on the streets of Bangkok and I had fallen down and hurt myself so many times I’d lost count. I gave up. It just wasn’t worth it…for me.

Now others have gone on to make millions selling their skateboards all over the world, but they are the ones who put in the time and dealt with all the bruises and broken bones.

In the end, success, in any field, is simple.

The only problem is most of us aren’t willing to do what it takes.

We hope people can find solutions that will get us out of doing all the hard lifting but, as anyone will tell you, there’s just no way around hard work in achieving success.

Anyway, for those who are serious about achieving success, I’ve put together this video with some simple tips.

When you watch it, I’m sure many of you will think this is kind of obvious.

And you’re absolutely right. What’s amazing to me is how many people need reminding of the obvious.

Forget finding a magic pill. Within you, you already have the most powerful tool there is – your mind.

Now all you need do it, apply it.

Adrian Shepherd

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