the law of averages and its benefits in sales and stress reduction

Sometimes you just have to scratch your head.

Having been an educator for 17 years now, first as an English teacher and now as a coach, I am always curious to find out what reaction I’ll get when offering my advice to others.

Each year, regardless of whether it’s advice on English, computers, time management, or wealth, I’m always greeted with a variety of reactions.

I get blank stares, surprised looks, approval, amazement, and utter confusion.

Sometimes people even look at me like I’m mad.

When I first joined the workforce it really bothered me that my advice would fall on deaf ears. I was sharing tips and secrets that would rapidly increase their chances of success only to learn later that some people didn’t even bother trying them. Others “tried” them, but didn’t really put their heart into it…either way the result was the same frustration for me, and failure for them.

There were times when I even questioned why I even bothered.

But I found my answer -I learned to work with the Law of Averages which I discovered is not just the secret to sales but also allows one that helps us deal with stress effectively.

While I go into it as well as a few other laws of life in my book, iSucceed, in a nutshell the Law of Averages states that some will and some won’t.

There will always be some people who don’t want to buy an iPad, there will always be people who don’t do their homework, there will always be people who want to buy imported cars…and instead of trying to figure out why those people do that, it’s better to simply accept it and move on.

Let the theorists figure out why. As an executive, a teacher, a doctor, a salesman, the law always applies.

And rather than fight it and end up frustrated, I work with it and instead am fascinated.

Even Jesus, 2000 years ago, understood this secret. In telling his disciples to go out and spread the word he told them to not linger too long in one place. To put it in words we might use today, “if the fish ain’t biting, move.”

So in using the Law of Averages each year I know I will meet those people who just don’t get it or aren’t willing to, but I also know that I will meet those who do.

My wife is one of those people who do. I think that’s why we have such a great relationship.

She’s never satisfied with being good; she wants to be great.

She works hard to improve herself.

Just like myself.

I may be a hard worker but each day I must tip my hat to her. I marvel at all she has achieved and become over our 10 years together. I only hope that she feels the same way about me.

Last year I was lucky enough to have met another such person.

She inspires me to no end. She pushes me to be better as I must keep up with her progress.

That’s what I love. These are the people I’m looking for; the people who get my message. And not just get it, but do something about it.

So just what is that message?

To help people live better lives.

But as I’ve found out, many people don’t want to live better lives. They just want to live their lives.

Me, I’m not happy being mediocre.

I have no interest in being an ok dad, an ok friend, an ok educator, an ok speaker, an ok lover, an ok businessman, or an ok magician. Being an ok something is well…ok.

I want to be the best me I can be.

I want people to say, “Wow, now this guy knows his stuff.” I want people to say, “Adrian’s a hard worker, an amazing father, a great guy.”

Why does it mean so much to me? I don’t know.

I just think if I’m going to do something then I might as well go for it.

And I want the same for my clients. I want to help them make the most out of their investment in me and I know no other way than by demanding a lot out of them.

I’m a big believer that people will rise to meet our demands. So I set the bar high and push my clients to get over it.

I know that I won’t be able to get everyone up there…but I do what I can to get each client as high as they can go.

And if they don’t make it, I just chalk it up to the Law of Averages.

Some will, some won’t.

I hope you will be part of those who will.

Adrian Shepherd

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