the big 3 8…and the lessons I’ve learned

Life is short.

It feels like just yesterday that I was back in high school with not a worry in the world.

Fast forward 20 years and here I am. Living in a country I never thought I’d live in. Doing a job I never thought I’d be doing.

Time has a funny way of changing us.

Sometimes for the better, sometimes not.

For me, I look back on my life and smile. I’ve been a very lucky man.

I escaped death 4 times.

I built my businesses from the ground up.

I married the woman of my dreams.

I self taught myself photography, magic, success, marketing, and finance.

I am a changed man in many ways. I’m more positive, more open-minded, more creative, more dedicated than ever before.

It has been a good 38 years on this earth.

Turning 38 did make me think about all that I’ve gone through and ¬†today I thought share with you just a little of what I’ve learned.

Rather than write it though, I thought today I’d deviate from the norm and go audio.

The following podcast just scratches the surface of all that I’ve learned, but I do think you’ll find it interesting.


Adrian Shepherd

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