The Best FREE Marketing Material Out There (and more)

Today I feel like doing something different…

As you probably already know, I spend a lot of time studying.

On the train, in my car, during lunch, on my breaks, in-between meetings, after my family goes to sleep, in the morningwhenever I have a few minutes to spare and I’m caught up with all my pressing issues, then it’s one of three things: TV (I’m so behind), nap (I need my beauty sleep) or studying.

So just what do I study?

In the beginning, I was focused on personal development. Little by little I branched out and now I tackle any number of topics.

But the important point is it’s not what, but who I study.

I study from the best in the business so today I thought I’d share with you what I consider to be the best FREE marketing material out there:

  1. Joe Polish and Dean Jackson’s I LOVE MARKETING
  2. Brendon Burchard’s YouTube channel
  3. Marie TV
  4. Joe Polish’s 10xTalk
  5. TED Talks
  6. Guy Kawasaki’s blog
  7. Copyblogger
  8. James Schramko’s SuperFastBusiness
  9. Dan Kennedy’s blog
  10. Tim Ferriss’ blog
  11. Darren Hardy’s Daily Mentoring
  12. Jim Rohn’s Newsletter
  13. Seth Godin’s Startup School
  14. Manager Tools
  15. Social Media Marketing
  16. TED Talks Business
  17. Kyle Wilson’s 52 Lessons
  18. Duct Tape Marketing

In these alone, you’ll get a crash course in marketing, mindset (Brendon Burchard’s the main man here), small business secrets (James Schramko), management (Manager Tools) plus some awesomely creative (and powerful) videos by Marie Forleo, and much, much more.

Now if you’re planning on going through all of this stuff, you’d better pull up a chairmaybe even a bed, cuz it’s a LOT of information.

We’re talking hundreds of videos and thousands of hours of audio, so pick and choose what appeals to you.

If you’re struggling to get your business off the ground, maybe James Schramko or Joe Polish is where you should start. If you find yourself constantly busy, maybe Tim Ferriss is a better fit.

I’ve found that most people gravitate towards certain speakers and writers.

So check out what each of them have to offer and see you feel speaks to you the best.

Remember, it’s not about acquiring knowledge, but putting what you learn into use. And if you’re ready to take things to the next level, they all offer paid programs that are worth their weight in gold (I invest in one or two programs a month myself).

Good luck.

Adrian Shepherd

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