Sampson and Delilah teaches one of the greatest lessons of life

As a young boy I loved to watch TV. I would sit, mesmerized, in front of the TV watching “Superfriends,” “Battle of the Planets,” “Spiderman and Friends,” “Transformers” and many many more.

Despite many parents objections to cartoons I must say that I learned a lot from them.

My favorite line was “And knowing is half the battle” from the “G.I. Joe” series.

And yet, today, when I look back at the cartoons that really left an impression none of these come to mind.

Surprisingly it is a show that taught Bible stories called Superbook. And my favorite story was that of “Sampson and Delilah.”

For those of you who might not be familiar with the story it was about a man who had the strength of a hundred men, Sampson, and the woman he loved, Delilah.

In it, Delilah convinced Sampson to tell her the secret of his strength which he eventually did. Sadly she betrayed him to his enemies and Sampson was captured.

In the end he asked God to give him the strength just one last time and was able to conjure up enough power to break the pillars of the building he was in causing it to come crumbling down.

In the process he was able to kill his enemies but lost his own life as well.

Although it was a sad story the lesson was clear for me; be careful who you trust.

Still today I continue to learn from this lesson.

There are those people who break their promises, there are those who lie and there are those who will even betray us.

That’s just the way it goes.

Life was never meant to be easy, but rather a challenge and only those who can fight through the tough times will end up victorious.

Adrian Shepherd

2 thoughts on “Sampson and Delilah teaches one of the greatest lessons of life”

  1. When I worked as a teacher, I made many careless mistakes. However, I never broke my promises to my students because I knew that if I didn’t keep my promomis with them, they wouldn’t trust me anymore. So, teachers have to built trust in reationship to give a good education to students.

    1. I believe that’s what separates a good teacher from a bad one. Good teachers will keep their word even when they made a mistake. Too many teachers are afraid of admitting they are wrong but nearly all students appreciate that their teacher isn’t perfect. People forget how valuable our word really is.

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