I used to believe in Santa Claus. I used to put my tooth under the pillow at night in hopes the tooth fairy would come. Then I grew up and realized the world which I thought existed didn’t. In our world we deal with facts and figures. It makes little difference if you put on nice clothes, drive a nice car and live in a big houseif you’re broke, you’re broke. The only question is how long will it be before someone figures it out. The same is true whether we’re talking about our local doctor, a Fortune 500 company (just ask Lehman Brothers) or countries such as Greece and Spain.

Too many of us like to live in a fantasy world where debt doesn’t matter, governments don’t make mistakes and politicians don’t lie. History has shown us that unfortunately that just the opposite is true, debt ALWAYS comes at a price. Governments DO make mistakes and politicians LIE.

Today we hear politicians, Nobel prize economists and central bankers all telling us that the worst is over, the economy has turned the corner and it’s hard to argue with them what with the DOW hitting all new highs and the Nikkei up around 40% in just five months. Real estate has rebounded. Even unemployment has dropped.

But all this “prosperity” has come at a HIGH price. So high, in fact, that we about to witness something unlike anything in history. The good news is with great dangers, come GREAT opportunities and that’s what the FFS is all about.

In developing the Financial Future Seminar (FFS) I kept the words of Leonardo DaVinci in mind when he said, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” That’s what the FFS is all about – simplicity. It’s so simple, in fact, even my 74-year-old mother (who hates economics) clearly understood what is going on.

Now I’ve been trying to share my strategies to deal with what is to come for close to 5 years. But what I’ve found is that people simple don’t believe what I have uncovered is possible. In fact, the coming crisis will dwarf the 2008 crisis in which we saw a $691 billion company vanish overnight. You see, in 2008 we had a banking crisis. Today we still have a banking crisis. (Amazingly, very little has actually been done to protect against a banking collapse), a Sovereign Debt Crisis (Europe) and if those weren’t bad enough, we now have a Currency war going on. Add on top of these two bubbles; the stock market bubble and a bubble in bonds. And we all know what happens to bubbles. So you see, despite clear skies there are many dark clouds on the horizon.

The FFS has been created to not only help people prepare for what is to come, but also benefit from them. But I get it… I’m just a guy who you’ve never heard of. A teacher by trade who decided to make economics a study. So all I ask is a few more minutes of your time, what do you have to lose? 5 minutes of your time and a small glimpse at just what the Financial Future Seminar is all about and why I have made it my life work.



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