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The first ever time management program designed specifically for the modern sales’ person.

This 2-hour presentation looks at how sales people can use time most effectively and in doing so, increase their bottom line.

Unlike the One-Bite TMS which is a one-size-fits-all sort of program, the One-Bite Time Management System for Sales People keeps the rigors of the sales person’s daily life in mind.

This 30-minute no-nonsense program was designed with speed and effectiveness in mind.

If you’re pressed for time, this is the program for you.

No hassle.

No heavy lifting.

Nothing, but the simplest, most effective way to free up time in your life, FAST.

The Time Management System (TMS) That Transformed My High-Stress, No Vacation, 60 Hour Work-Week Into A Learn-Mean Well-Oiled 12-Hour Stress-Free, Ultra-Productive Work Week That I Actually Look Forward To…Can Now Be Yours.

Back in high school, my parents would sometimes ask me why I couldn’t finish my homework. My answer might sound familiar – “I had no time.”

Sound familiar?