iSucceed – time management tip # 1: emails

Getting 200 emails in a day isn’t unheard of in our ultra-busy world, which is why we all should have a system for dealing with emails. The faster we can get through them, the faster we can move on to more productive tasks. In today’s podcast, I’ll talk about my tsunami experience, the value of time…


iSucceed – mentors: Thomas Jefferson

Mentors are all around us; in schools, in offices, in classroom, in churches, even in books. Mentors are people who teach us, but that doesn’t mean they have to be sitting in front of us to help us learn. Some of the greatest mentors have taken the time to write their ideas down on paper. Through their…

iSucceed – motivational quotes # 1: Jim Rohn

There are a few legends in the personal development field: Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and Earl Nightingale. However, one name for me, is who I turn to when I’m looking for ideas: Jim Rohn. In today’s podcast we will take a look at a few of Jim’s best quotes.

iSucceed – success principles: the power of language

One of the best personal development books has to be Tony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within. For me, the greatest lesson I took from this incredible book was the power of language. Tony Robbins himself is famous for using strong language in his seminars to interrupt people’s thinking. It works like gangbusters. In today’s podcast…

iSucceed – success myth # 1: Belief

When it comes to success there is one concept that I have heard more than any other – that if you believe something strong enough, it will come to be. It was in the movie “The Secret” and it is in more books than I can count. And unfortunately, it’s wrong. Or maybe I should say, it’s…

iSucceed – The Road To Success: Seeking Answers

Step one of Alcoholics Annonymous is “We admitted we were powerless over our addiction – that our lives had become unmanageable.” In plain language – we have a problem. Too often in life we find ourselves stuck, and seeking answers. So what is the first step we must take?

iSucceed – Mentors: Why The Best Teachers Ask The Toughest Questions

The best teachers ask the toughest questions. Tough is good. Tough challeges us. Tough pushes us. And that what great teachers understand. Easy doesn’t help us grow. It doesn’t push us. In today’s podcast we look at the importance of tough love.

iSucceed – Success Principles: Change

Change can be hard. It can also be necessary. If you have everything you want in life, then you’re one of the lucky ones. Everyone I know has something they would like to change; their health, their bank account, their relationships, their freedom, their confidence, their energy. Whatever it is, there’s always something.