a new chapter in life begins

My wife and I are very proud to be parents of a lovely bouncing baby boy.

Most parents we know love to tell stories of how wonderful being a parent is and how much they miss being a parent of a young child.

What they often neglect to mention is just how tough it can be.

We have all heard that becoming a parent changes everything but most of us are surprised just how much of a change it really is.

And parents who have gone through it all tend to forget all the tough times and simply remember the good.

For us, the big change is that of time.

We used to watch a few movies a week, now we’re lucky to squeeze in one.

Dinner used to take 20 minutes, now it takes an hour.

Before we could sleep in, now we get hit in the face if we do.

When we were sick we could rest up, now it’s all go-go-go.

Having a child is no walk in the park. Raising a child requires a sizable investment of time, money and energy.

And in the process our lives get turned upside-down and inside-out.

There are times when we feel under-appreciated, tired, frustrated, sad, stress and maybe even despair.

But, as I think most parents would agree, it’s all worth it.

Adrian Shepherd

2 thoughts on “a new chapter in life begins”

  1. One of Japanese proverbs says that if we had a child, we must feel most grateful to our parents. I completely agree.
    One of my aunts used to work as a teacher in elementary school but she was a very strict person. However, after she had a baby she said, “My philosophy on students and also on parents changed through child rising.” In fact, she grew as a considerate teacher. She stopped working before the official retirement age and worked as a volunteer and also she worked tirelessly to establish a facility for the mentally retarded.

  2. Parenting is certainly a tough experience but also a rewarding one. Cherish it my friend! Each minute is actually a blessing that you will remember all your life.

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