never underestimate the power of time, a lot can happen in two weeks

A lot can happen in two weeks…

Two weeks ago few people outside of Europe had ever heard of the small island of Cyprus.

Today, it has taken center stage of the financial world.

A population of roughly a million people and a bailout of what is considered pocket change (10 billion euros) in today’s economics and people are waiting on edge to see what the fallout effect will be to the actions taken by the European Central Bank.

A democratic country confiscating part of their own citizens’ money to stabilize their banking system.

I never thought I’d see the day.

You may have heard me say it before, but since the Internet blasted off back in the 90s the world has been undergoing incredibly rapid change and we, as a civilization, are struggling to keep up.

The Internet has turned the world upside-down. It has evened the playing field.

Today everybody knows everything. Anyone with a smartphone has instant access to news halfway across the globe.

Countries like India, China and Russia, which were pretty much non-existent just 20 years ago are beginning to shift the balance of power from West to East. We can all feel it.

I wonder what the world will be like in the years to come, but I feel it’s a pretty safe bet that:

  • Our financial system is about to change
  • The education system is in desperate need of change
  • Our governmental system needs an overhaul
  • Technology will continue to revolutionize how we do everything

Now those are some pretty big statements, but I stand by them. I have spent 5 years studying finance and have come to the conclusion that Lehman Brothers was a turning point which is why I set out to create a seminar to help educate people on what is to come.

I also know that education is the key to succeed in the changing world.

We can no longer rest on our laurels.

Today you either keep up, or go the way of the dinosaurs.

Sadly, I feel that most people are not prepared for the changes that are coming our way which is why I created this site; to share ideas that will make a difference.

I’ve been an educator for going on 23 years now and believe I have a duty to my clients to prepare them as best I can.

I started out as an English teacher, but now teach ideas to inspire using English.

As the great Jim Rohn often said at the beginning of his presentations, “A combination of things I hope you’ll find here today, ideas plus inspiration…” That’s what this site is all about.

All I want to do is do my part.

School used to prepare us for the workforce, but while the world is undergoing incredible change, our education system is still plodding along as if nothing has changed.

One day, in the near future, people are going to begin asking questions as to the validity of the manner in which we study, in fact, it’s already begun.

Here in Japan, Tokyo University, the country’s leading college has begun to see the importance of requiring students to learn how to not simply read and write English but rather actually being able to use it as a daily tool.

I applaud the change, but wonder what took them so long.

The fact is, our governments, and schools have gotten so big that change is a four-letter word. And teachers who have only one skill to their name should be worried.

The 21st century I believe will center around four things:

  1. Languages
  2. Adaptability
  3. Multiple Skills
  4. Technology

In years past one skill was enough, in today’s world a single technological innovation can render people obsolete almost overnight. Machines that cost less, less trouble to deal with, more accurate and companies don’t have to worry about healthcare benefits.

I wonder if that by the time my son grows up, physical universities will no longer be the first choice for high school graduates instead opting for online lessons from the best teachers in the world (much like what Amazon did to bookstores) or small specialty schools with one single focus.

All this change might scare some people, but if you’re reading this then you’re not “some” people.

You are someone who values education and is dedicated to the craft of learning.

Most people would rather spend the evening watching “Dancing with the Stars” than read a good book. Most people believe that once they finish school, they are done with learning. Most people would rather ignore what is happening right in front of them than face facts that something is different.

But the fact is change is coming.

Change has always been there, but unlike generations before us in which change took decades, today it takes years.

And here’s the good news, there is still time…the question is whether you will take the time to prepare or wait for change to arrive.

Most people will choose the later.

I’m not and I hope you won’t either.

Yes, we are most certainly living through interesting times.

Adrian Shepherd

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