millionaire has a nice ring to it

One word that has a nice ring to it is the word MILLIONAIRE.

Many of us have grown up believing that if we could just join this elite group our lives would take on a whole new meaning. Life would be easier, more fun and…

Yes, yes…that’s what we all think. But the truth is a different matter entirely.

So just what is a millionaire?

Well, first off, they’re very much like everyone you’ve ever met. They put their pants on one leg at a time just like you do. They go to work (yes, most do still work) and they enjoy life (although with a very different view).

What they aren’t is problem-free.

When you don’t have much money your #1 problem is often MONEY.

When you do, your #1 problem could be any number of things, one being – how to hold on to your money.

But here’s something that I read a while back that really made me rethink just how valuable I was. The questions posed were

  • Would you sell your legs for a cool million?
  • What about your sight?
  • Your brain?

Assuming you said no to the questions above then that makes you worth over $3 million dollars and that’s not including the rest of you.

Money may be a powerful tool but our body is priceless.

So…we are all already millionaires. The only question that remains is what are we going to do with our new found wealth?

Adrian Shepherd

1 thought on “millionaire has a nice ring to it”

  1. My parents used to say to me, “If a couple doesn’t have enough housekeeping money, they will probably fight. It goes without saying that a young man doesn’t have money but it’s not a big problem. However, you should choose a husband who can. Also there is nothing more valuable than good health.” I completely agree because we need a certain amount of money for our budget and good health, too. It’s great to know we are millionaires!

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