mentors always ask the hardest questions

Have you ever noticed that the best teachers ask the toughest questions?

Questions that make us think, those that force us to reevaluate what we know, and those questions we sometimes are afraid to answer.

So many of us try to avoid the truth.

We tell ourselves that our lives aren’t that bad and that we don’t need to worry about the situation we find ourselves in.

We can be struggling financially yet we choose to put on a big smile and treat our friends to dinner, all the while wondering where we’ll find the money to pay for it.

We tend to present the exact opposite of our problems.

We tell others how wonderful our relationship is when we fight like cats and dogs.

We smile when we really want to cry.

We are so afraid of people learning the truth that we try and cover it up; in many ways it’s because we’re embarrassed.

We even lie to ourselves because we’re not willing to deal with the problems we have created for ourselves.

  • Money problems – WE spent too much money.
  • Relationship problems – WE ignored our friends’ advice.
  • Work problems – WE aren’t doing our job well enough.
  • Family problems – WE are spending too much time at work.

The best teachers, or mentors, know that they must dig deep to find out just what the truth is.

People can lie on the surface, but when people ask them details they struggle to come up with answers because they aren’t prepared for it.

Often times people are defensive and hide behind lines such as “Why do you want to know?” or “What do you ask so many questions?”

These, among others, are sure-fire signs that people are uncomfortable with the line of questioning.

But remember, without all the facts, the teachers can’t give the right advice.

If you asked me how to get to Las Vegas I would be able to tell you…as long as I had one piece of information – where are you now?

By determining your position now, I can guide you to your destination. Without it, the chances of me getting you there are slim to none.

Don’t be afraid of tough questions, they are the ones that will make you grow the most.

Adrian Shepherd

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