learning is the first step on the road to success

This may seem hard to believe for most people born in the 90s, but back when I was in high school in order to track down historical data or whatnot for my projects and papers I had to pay a visit to the library (gasp).

It was once the case that the people with the information had the power, but in today’s world we all have that power – it’s called the Internet.

The amount of information available with just a few keystrokes is staggering which means that we can all find answers…the only problem is which ones should we choose.

When we get a diagnosis, we are often told to get a second opinion, especially in serious cases.

A doctor’s treatment for the same disease can be as different as night and day.

In the end, we must weigh all the information we have from credible sources and then make a decision based on what we know.

And unfortunately we might get it wrong from time to time. I have made mistakes regarding

  • Investments
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Career
  • Education

And yet, despite setbacks, I have managed to find what worked for me, in my life.

And as you’re reading this I know you have most likely found some already because you’re out there looking.

If you haven’t found just what you’re looking for quite yet, give it some time.

Knowledge compounds so keep reading and searching and I know, that in time, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Adrian Shepherd

ps. If you’re looking for some suggestions as to where to get started drop me a line at info@isucceedbook.com and I’ll see if I can give you a suggestion of where to get started. (be sure to put “seeking answers” in the subject box)

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