Jim Stovall, author of “The Ultimate Gift” talks success and how to turn obstacles into opportunity

All leaders are readers…

Harry Truman once said that but as a child I wouldn’t have believed him.

The books I read in school were mostly a chore and I couldn’t see how they applied to my life so I turned to the time-honored tradition of watching movies instead.

Two hours instead of two weeks.

For a kid that’s time management 101.

But that was then, today I’m a whole new man.

It all started a few short years ago when I realized I didn’t have all the answers (what a surprise?!).

I was faced with problems that I didn’t have answers to and as I lived in Japan I turned to books for answers.

What I discovered amazed me.

Since that time I’ve never looked back.

Today I read, listen and watch everything I can get my hands on the topics of self-help, time management, marketing, finance and business.

A few years back I was introduced to a little books by Jim Stovall called “The Ultimate Gift.”

It was hailed by the late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones as a classic and he was absolutely right.

It’s everything I believe a good book should be; short, easy-to-read, powerful, inspirational and memorable. And rightfully deserves a place in any body’s library who is serious about success and life.

Last night I had the good fortune to be able to sit down with Jim and get his take on success and more.

This is another interview you won’t want to miss.

Adrian Shepherd

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