it’s up to us to change the world, no one else

Who knew?

Life as a child, for many people, is a cakewalk.

Go to school, hang out with friends, play computer games, eat, sleep and have a whole lot of fun. Oh, and maybe a little homework.

College is, for lack of a better word, freedom. Free to choose for the first time. What time should I go to bed? Who should I ask out? What should I study? How should I spend my evening? What part-time job should I get? Lots of questions and lots of time to think about them.

And then, before you know it, we’re all grown up.

Work, responsibility, money, marriage, family…you know the drill.

Blink again, and you’re wondering where it all went. Years have flown by.

Me, I’m 38 years…young, and have loved every minute of it (even the tough times).

The thing is, most of us are so busy focused on our lives and getting it right that we don’t have the time, the energy or even the desire to try and change the world.

But one thing is for sure, change is coming our way. It always is.

The only question is whether we will be part of it, or whether we will just let it happen to us.

I think that rather than pass the buck on to someone else that I should make things happen.

I realize that I can only do so much, but there’s no telling what two or three people can do together. That’s the power of synergy.

So what can we do?

I believe that the key to our better future is our children. After all, they will be in charge sooner than we think.

The best thing we can do is help our children to be better prepared for the world that they will have to live in…and that all starts with education.

Being an educator myself, I am VERY passionate about education and agree with my mentor, Jim Rohn, that “Life change does not begin with inspiration. Life change begins with education.”

I hope that the posts I write, the videos I make and the podcasts I record all help you with your continuing education.

Enjoy today’s podcast.

Adrian Shepherd

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