iSucceed interviews Ron Henley, 30-year veteran in the self-development industry

What a journey…

Growing up in England I never saw myself ever leaving the country. I never imagined teaching English. I never saw myself living in Japan. I never imagined I would be involved in the most destructive natural disaster on record. I also never imagined I would ever be interested in finance…and yet, here I am.

30 years almost to the day that I left England and it’s been one heck of a ride.

Today I divide my time up between my passions; English, success, finance and, of course, my family. Stopping every now and then to check out some magic tricks and watch a few movies.

Over the course of having written 367 posts, recorded 30 or so podcasts and 15 youtube videos I can say that I’m somewhat of a changed man but on top of that I’ve been able to get in touch with some of the big names in the personal development field as well as a few well known financial analysts that have been kind enough to offer their time to talk to me.

I cherish each and every opportunity I get and love being able to share what I can with you.

Just a few days ago I was able to sit down and talk with Ron Henley who has been involved in the personal development industry for over 3 decades. Hopefully you find the interview as valuable as I did.

For those interested in finding out more about Ron be sure to check out his blog here.

Adrian Shepherd

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