the hows and whys of change

For those of you who have read my book iSucceed or read my bio you’ll know that I run my own English school here in Japan.

But for the past two years I have invested a considerable amount of time into my writing.

As you can see the result of which is my book, but what you might not know is that I have also kept numerous files of ideas for future books, programs, and projects.

I have files for

  1. Ideas – at present 350+ pages filled with observations and tips
  2. Business – 100 pages of sales, marketing and negotiation
  3. Quotes – 1200 quotes that personally inspire me
  4. Education – a collection of techniques, games and tricks
  5. Titles – 150+ that I might choose to use at a later time
  6. And many more

And all this has happened in the past two years.

I shudder to think what I would have amassed had I started in my twenties and can only wonder how much I will have accomplished by the time I hit 60.

Why do I bring this up? Because I’ve changed.

Ask my students, my friends and especially my wife and you’re likely to hear the same thing – Adrian’s different.

Notice I say different, not better, because that depends on who you talk to.

Some people might like who I’m becoming while others liked me just the way I was.

As we find ourselves changing we get torn between who we once were and who we are becoming.

It’s tough to let go of the past. Our habits, our work and yes, even our friends.

Most people find it too hard and end up back where they started.

The key to change is to keep asking yourself one simple thing – what do I really want?

Either your goal is something that you will do whatever it takes for, or it isn’t.

If it isn’t, then you’ll soon find yourself finding reasons why you shouldn’t keep going.

A strong enough “why” will overcome any “how” that you come across.

The “hows” are the techniques, the tactics and the tools to accomplish our goals.

The “whys” are the reasons you are doing what you are doing. The “whys” keep you going.

I often tell my students that the hardest thing in life is not choosing between good or bad but rather between good and great.

Good is comfortable, great takes effort. Good is easier, great is harder.

Most people who are happy in their lives are living a good life.

They’re not willing to risk what they have to get the great.

And there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they are truly happy.

But for those of us that desire more out of life we realize that good just isn’t good enough.

I’m not sure how you came across my blog; maybe a friend said you should check it out, maybe you read iSucceed and wanted to find out more, maybe it was just pure chance.

Whatever the reason, I encourage you to think carefully about just what you want out of life and if you truly do want to make a change to go for your dreams and success.

You will not regret it.

Adrian Shepherd

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