how to attract a constant flow of traffic to your website

An acquaintance of mine runs a smallish company, 40 employees or so, and recently has started focusing on using the Internet as a tool for his business.

His site has a blog and he realizes the immense power that they can have to draw in new clients and keep up correspondence with present ones.

As such he has set his sites on adding more and more articles to help his company move up the Google rankings.

There’s just one problem. That’s all he’s focused on.

About a year ago I heard an explanation regarding marketing on the Internet and having studied marketing for a little over two years I have seen this principle applied time and time again.

The concept is this: content is king.

Years ago when the Internet was in its infancy (the Internet hasn’t even had its 20th birthday in its modern form) people learned how to trick the system.

They used key words over and over in the code, captured key domain names and threw up as many pages as they could to bring in traffic.

Thankfully Google changed everything and declared war on those people trying to trick us.

Content became everything.

Today people want to read interesting articles. People want practical knowledge.

In other words, people want what they are looking for.

I assume that most of you are on this page because you came here to get some ideas about success, relationships, and business.

And each time I write an article I try my best to think about what my readers would want to read and what would be of value.

I could write more, but that might be overwhelming.

I could write more general stuff, but that might bore you.

I aim to pass along one good story a day on average. The key word in that sentence is GOOD.

My acquaintance understands the potential a blog has but I believe he’s going about it the wrong way focusing on quantity not quality.

Bad content will turn readers off. It may work with the search engines somewhat but it won’t bring people back.

I can’t tell you how many sites I have stopped reading because they just lost their edge.

I, myself, am constantly looking for new sites that give me information on investing, success, time management, travel, relationships, cameras, computers and more.

There are so many out there so I do my homework and select the few that give me the most bang-for-the-buck.

Then I do my best to share what I learn with you.

You get only the best of the best.

I thank you all for choosing my site as one of your destinations and hope I can live up to your expectations.

Adrian Shepherd

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