Just how much do we value time?

The other day I was talking with a student that has been with me for a few years.

She’s known me from before I ever started writing and she’s seen me change over the years, as I have her.

We have deep discussions on a variety of topics, and today’s class was no different.

Somehow or other we got onto the topic of enjoyment.

She mentioned that we all need something that allows us to vent our frustrations or take our minds off what is right in front of us.

I couldn’t agree more, however, with one caveat.

Whether your escape is TV, sports, computer games or just drinking with some friends the key isn’t what you do, but rather how much you do it.

For those of you who have read iSucceed, you’ll know that I devote an entire chapter to the concept of time and realize just how much I value each and every day.

I used to watch three hours of TV a day with my wife. These days we’ve cut back to an hour.

Just how much do we value time?

What do I do with the other two hours you might ask?

I read books, listen to audio sessions and watch DVDs, but here’s the kicker – they are all related to the topics of self-growth in the fields of philosophy, business, marketing, and money to name just a few.

I will admit that at first I had to force myself to get through some books, but nowadays I find little nuggets of knowledge everywhere so I try and leave no stone unturned.

Do I still kick back and put my feet up to enjoy my favorite shows? Of course!

The only difference between me today and twenty years ago is that today I know when to stop, and that if I’m really going to succeed in life, I know it’s not going to happen while I’m plunked down on the sofa.

Still, for those of you who think they must devote every waking hour to success I’m reminded of what my mother used to say, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

So be sure you take some time to have a little fun.

Adrian Shepherd

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