the hardest part is getting started

In a previous entry I discussed how important it is to have a blueprint available for us to refer to on our journey of self-development.

With so many materials available it’s tough to know just where to start.

Getting started is often the key as most of us give up before we have even tried.

It’s important not to overwhelm ourselves with complex ideas to begin with – “easy does it” as the expression goes.

So what would I recommend?

As crazy as this sounds simply reading 10 pages in a book on money, success, life or health (whichever area you feel you need improvement in) for 21 days is good place to start.

That may not sound like much but you’d be surprised how many people can’t even do that.

If you can’t do that then what chance do you have to completely change your life?

What chances do you have of learning a new language when you don’t even utilize your own to its fullest?

I’m nearly always more impressed with someone who chooses to invest 30 minutes a day for self-improvement rather than 10 hours a week – because the first creates a daily HABIT.

The first requires patience. It requires rearranging your priorities each day to achieve what you want.

And you accept the fact that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Creating positive daily habits sets in motion changes that you won’t even realize.

10 hours is impressive, but also harder to sustain – not impossible, just harder. 30 minutes a day is easy-peasy, and yet most people fail to do it.

Conquer the small things in life and soon you’ll find yourself conquering the bigger stuff as well.

Trying to jump straight to the big leagues and you’ll find yourself getting burnt out, frustrated and looking for any reason to quit.

We all know how the turtle won the race – slow and steady.

Now if only we all followed his example.

Adrian Shepherd

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