Fitness Coach Sumi Singh shares her secrets to a better body

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…

You’ve gotta love FB.

Sure, we spend more time than we should scrolling down our Newsfeed, searching for long lost friends and checking out the latest news that’s trendingbut still, it’s pretty dang powerful. I’ve been able to reach out and talk to millionaires, share my ideas with thousands of people, promote my businesses and build my lists. So for me, I’m a fan. (though not of Messenger)

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Over the past week through FB, I reached out to someone I knew back in the Philippines who I’d been following for a while, but it wasn’t till a photo caught my eye that I thought, “Gee, I should interview her.”

As we say, “The proof is in the pudding.”

One look at Sumi Singh and you’ll know she’s someone who knows what she’s doing.

Like all the people I interview, Sumi keeps things real. She’s down to earth, practical, fun and has some great advice for anyone wanting to get in better shape.

Unfortunately, during our call, my Internet was a bit wonky, and the recording ended up being quite a bit choppy. Fear not though, I took the time to transcribe our interview. Click here if you’re interested in reading a no-nonsense guide to fitness.

In the report, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 Big Mistakes People Make in Fitness
  • 2 Big Myths of Fitness
  • The #1 Thing People Struggle With When Getting in Shape
  • 3 Simple Tips to Enhancing Your Workout

She’ll also mention how you can contact her directly if you’d like to find out more about fitness. You can also check out her website at

While this blog isn’t dedicated to health, I do realize the importance of living well and our health plays a BIG part in that. As my mentor, Jim Rohn, is famous for saying, “Some people don’t do well because they don’t feel well.” A few years back, I decided to make health a priority in my life and now I’m happy to say that I’ve never been healthier.

I have applied many of the ideas Sumi talks about in this special report, and I can say, “They work!!”

So get your printer warmed up and grab your favorite drink, it won’t take you long to read, but I think you’ll get a lot out of our short interview.


Adrian Shepherd


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