don’t you hate it when you’re right

I am a student of life. I watch people. I follow events. I study the experts.

And I have come to the conclusion that life is all one big formula.

There is a formula for making money just as there is a formula for having good health, good complexion, strong relationships with others, building a business, or entering university.

Take good complexion. What would be the formula for that?

Drink lots of water, no junk food, wash our face regularly and have vitamins A and E in your diet.

How did I find that out? A simple Google search. 10 seconds of my time.

So if life’s that easy, why does it seem that so many people struggle to make a living, have good health, stay married, and enjoy their life?

While it’s not hard to find answers, it is hard to implement them. Basically people choose not to follow the formula.

Some people are just lazy. Some make mistakes. Some are greedy. And some just never figure it out.

What I’ve found from being a student of the major things in life is that there are signs that people are not following the formula or have stopped following it.

If you keep your eyes and ears open you’ll be surprised what you notice. And by noticing the signs you can predict the outcomes.

Here are some of things I predicted correctly by simply understanding the formulas.

  • My friend’s partnership would end badly.
  • An acquaintance would back out of his promise.
  • One friend would get divorced soon after they got married.
  • A good friend wouldn’t read my blog because they were too busy.
  • People would think I was a crackpot when I said to buy gold when it was $800.
  • The sub-prime loan concept would be disastrous. (but at the time I had no idea of how to benefit from it)

I honestly hate getting some of my predictions right. Sometimes I wish I were wrong.

But wishing I were wrong will not change anything.

All I can do is share my thoughts with you here on the blog and in my book, iSucceed, and help those people who want help. Those of you who are reading this now, I hope I’m helping.

Now, does this mean I’m always right? Of course not. No one is. Sometimes a formula might not work for your specific case. So tweak it. Or find another one.

It’s very rare that someone hasn’t already figured out what you might want to know.

So using my concept of formulas here are some of my predictions looking ahead:

  • The sovereign debt crisis is bigger than most people realize.
  • The problems we have in the world today aren’t going away, they’re going to get worse.
  • Currency will be a very real problem in the years to come.

Will these come true? Wish I knew but I don’t. Just remember that if you start to see the signs be sure and let me know.

Life inevitably has its ups and downs. Japan in the 80s was WAY UP. America in the late 90s was WAY UP.

Today, what with riots breaking out in Greece and now the UK. France taking action to protect their banks. Spain and Italy conducting emergency meetings to ward off potential downgrades. The Yen increasing in value, while the Dollar plummets. I ask you, what do you see happening?

Adrian Shepherd

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