don’t let fear eat you up

Today’s post is harder to write than usual. I have started writing 4 or 5 different ones but none of them felt right for today’s post.

Why?¬†Because a lot’s going on over here.

And it’s weighing on my mind.

While I don’t live anywhere near the affected areas, each day seems to bring with it something new.

3 days have passed since the earthquake, and ensuing tsunami, struck Sendai causing untold damage and taking the lives of many.

It will be many months till we understand the whole picture.

However there are reports that there is a 70% change another earthquake over 7 will strike within the next two days.

We have also been warned of possible tsunamis.

If that wasn’t enough now we get constant updates on the status of the reactors and of a possible meltdown.

Japan just can’t seem to get a break.

In a nutshell, it’s not good.

Having been in a tsunami myself I must say that one thing people might not understand is how fear changes everything, even after the threat has passed.

In Thailand, 6 years ago, people simply couldn’t believe they were safe because of what they had witnessed.

Panic spread on the report of any news.

Rumor became fact.

Fear is an interesting animal; it can eat you up from the inside if you’re not careful.

I do not know what will happen here but I know that Japanese emergency teams and Self-Defense Force are doing everything in their power to protect us.

I am here, not there.

I’m an educator, not a scientist.

The best thing I can do is to listen to the experts on the ground. Reporters from all over the world are there covering the story.

I keep my ears open and wait. Unless I hear otherwise it is just another day.

I have faith.

It’s what we all need in times like this.

Adrian Shepherd

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