the dirty little secret that colleges and schools don’t want you to know


It’s the one inevitable part of life. Technology, medicine, education, laws, concepts, society…it all changes given time.

But with change comes pain.

Just ask companies such as Kodak, Borders and Blockbusters which didn’t see how technology would change their industries.

Think about it for a second, less than a generation ago Kodak was a household name, Borders was the preeminent bookstore in the US while Blockbuster dominated video (remember those) rentals.

It was digital cameras that sunk Kodak, while Amazon leveraged the Internet to obliterate Borders as did Netflix and iTunes to take down the once mighty Blockbuster.

Despite the incredible change that has taken place over the past twenty years or so, many people still don’t see just how much things are still changing.

Being an educator myself and running a school I see firsthand people’s view on education on a regular basis and what I find amazing is how dead set people are in their thoughts towards the education system.

Now I admit, there used to be a day when a college degree would set you apart, setting you up for living with a comfortable job.

But no longer. Today we are seeing people being laid off in record numbers and graduates struggling to find work.

And while the “guarantees” that used to come with a higher education have diminished, the costs have increased.

I was shocked to see just how much when I researched just how much a liberal arts degree goes for at my college today.

I remember thinking back in 1992 that $100,000 was not cheap, but today it’s more than doubled.

Are today’s degree worth more than they were 20 years ago?

Not at all, most degrees today are no different from what they were when I went to school. However, our environment is. The world has changed and we can see that from how we interact with others to how we shop.

I remember writing letters way back. Thinking about it now, I can’t even remember the last time I actually wrote a letter to someone (how sad).

I used to head over to the mall to check out all the new stuff. Today I simply turn on my computer and check Amazon.

So if how we live our daily lives has changed, shouldn’t we also take a look at education itself.

However, most people don’t see any other route than the standard school system.

Here in Japan thousands of kids each night attend cram school, some from elementary school, in hopes of getting into a “good” school. And while I’m all for education, I have to question if a “good” school is all we need today?

Having gotten into personal development a few years back, I started to see that my own education, despite being from so-called “good” schools, left a lot out.

The prestigious International Baccalaureate, for example, is considered one of the most comprehensive forms of education and while I thoroughly agree is does stand out as being one of the better systems out there, (in my humble opinion) it’s still got a ways to go.

Why go to college after all? In my opinion, people choose further education because they believe it will give them an upper hand in life and the best chance for success.

The problem today is I feel that education has somewhat out-priced itself. And it’s something schools and college never want to talk about.

What good is a college degree if one is swimming in debt? How valuable is a “good” education if it cost you more than the price of a 3-bedroom house to get it. After all, don’t many people work for about 30 years to simply pay off a house.

I did a little digging and then had someone create an infographic called “The Dirty Little Secret Schools and Colleges Don’t Want You To Know” on just how “valuable” a college degree is.

It is quite revealing.

Everything has changed around us, and yet most schools and colleges are trapped in the past. I wholeheartedly agree that the key to our better future is a good education, but not through the school system itself.

I choose to find mentors and learn from them. In other words, I gather knowledge from the best minds out there on marketing, sales, success, finance and time management on sites like my own and have spent a fortune on my own education. (though far cheaper than any college)

YouTube itself has more videos on nearly any topic that you can think of, that will help learn faster and easier than many schools, and at no cost whatsoever.

Now if you’re shaking your head in disbelief, don’t worry, you’re not alone. My wife is a staunch supporter of the education process, as are most of my clients and friends.

I just can’t accept it.

I am a strong believer that there is ALWAYS a better way.

Today, I believe, a better way already exists, but the issue is people’s mindset.

People don’t like change. So when I talk about my views on education (as well as finance), I am often met with a lot of rolled eyes.

But I’m not here to tell anyone what they should do. My goal is merely to share ideas worth thinking about and leaving the rest in your capable hands.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think about education.

Adrian Shepherd

The Dirty Little Secret Schools and Colleges Don't Want You to Know

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