the choices we make determine our lives

The other day one of my clients was telling me about their life.

They explained how, in both their personal and business life, they had trouble finding time to do what they wanted.

They talked for about 15 minutes straight on how they couldn’t do this because of that, or how on they couldn’t get out of meeting so-and-so.

Listening to them talk, I noticed an interesting pattern emerge; it wasn’t that they didn’t have time, but that they were letting other people take their time away from them.

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In life there are only three choices

  1. A bad choice viagra générique belgique prix
  2. A good choice
  3. A great choice

Most of us go with option #2 hoping that it’s really #3.

Bad choices are easy to distinguish, they are any choice that are detrimental to your life, goals or future.

But what’s the difference between a good choice and a great one.

In my experience a good choice is one that gives us a quick reward (ie. buying a new gadget or bag), great choices often take time to reap the reward (ie. studying a language).

Most of us know what a great choice is, but choose a good one because it’s faster and, more importantly, easier.

And the 6 hours we have free on Saturday night can be spent on any one of the three choices. We can never get our time back so rather than going for the good, shouldn’t we go for the great?

Time is so undervalued by so many of us which is precisely why I devoted chapter 9 of my book, iSuccced, to the concept of time because for many years I let this precious gift slip away.

I hope that you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Adrian Shepherd

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