Brooke Burke’s take on how to have a lasting relationship

I’m a big believer in acquiring knowledge from as many avenues as possible.

There are so many successful people in every field imaginable and they each have their own take on what it takes to succeed.

However, there are some common themes that run throughout the various authors I have studied and I try to address them in my upcoming book, iSucceed, as well as here on this blog.

A few weeks ago my wife sent me over something for me to look at that was written by Brooke Burke.

For those of you who don’t haven’t heard her name before Brooke Burke is an international supermodel who has tried her hand at being a model, TV announcer, designer, and now author.

While she isn’t someone I would normally choose to study I found her words succinct and insightful and think we could all learn a thing or two from what she believes are the keys to a lasting relationship.

Adrian Shepherd


To have a great lasting relationship:

Assume nothing. We can’t read each other’s minds.

We have to ask for what we want, need and desire.

Don’t hold things in.

Speak up about what is bugging you.

There is nothing more dangerous than a slow boil!

Pet peeves don’t just go away.

Don’t be afraid to change things up, experiment, and add some spice. Lingerie doesn’t hurt.

Give each other room to be yourselves and accomplish your personal goals.

Be close enough friends to be free with each other.

Be compassionate

Give more than you receive

Pitch and catch

When you fall out of love, find a way to fall in again

Be nice!

Have great sex and lots of it.

Nurture your relationship as much as you do your children

Make yourselves as important as the kids

Never be too old to make out

Be a cheerleader sometimes, everyone needs one

Make time for date night! Just DO it!

Brooke Burke

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