all the answers we could ever want are found in books

When I was young I always hated to read. I figured, why spend hours reading a book when I could just watch the movie?

It seems that nothing has changed as students today are still dead-set against reading books.

And yet, there are thousands of people out there spending hours upon hours reading up on celebrity gossip or scanning the blogosphere.

Comics, magazines, the internet – no problem. But books? They’re heavy, long and so uncool, right?!

For many of us I suppose books bring back bad memories from high school where we were forced to read stuff we had no interest in learning.

Then there are people like my father who read almost a book a day.

Reading is, and I don’t believe I’m understating this, the single most useful tool we have at our disposal in order to achieve success.

Many of the greatest leaders, businessmen, teachers, and philosophers from years past and present have taken the time to document their theory on success and life in books.

Trying to compress all that information into a two hour movie just isn’t possible.

Believe me, I know.

As I wrote iSucceed, I found it tough to keep things short. There’s just so much to share.

Books contain answers to everything you could imagine.

  • Marriage on the rocks – there’s a book on that.
  • Building a new house – there’s a book on that, too.
  • Can’t close the deal – there’s even a book on that.
  • Suck at drawing – you get the picture.

Knowledge of the world. Answers to become powerful, influential, and healthy.

Instead, we look for escape in novels, comics or magazines.

Use the power of reading to build your future, not merely enjoy the present.

Start putting together your own library of answers today.

You’ll be glad you did.

Adrian Shepherd

2 thoughts on “all the answers we could ever want are found in books”

  1. So true! People are generally just lazy. We are always looking for the short-cut. Believe me if I could develop an injection to make people good at English, I am sure it would be a hit and make me rich. Keep up the good work.

    1. Sad, but true. The Internet has simply made people expect things even faster. The faster people realize there’s no substitute for hard work the better.


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