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I’ll say it again…

“I love the Internet.” It’s honestly hard to imagine what my life (and I dare say yours) would be without it.

In my humble opinion, it is the single greatest tool ever created.

It has changed how we do everything; communication, education, business, development, language, health, pretty much everything you can think of has been affected one way or another since the advent of Internet.

There’s only one problem – there’s just so dang much stuff.

If you’re like me, then it’s likely that you have your favorite sites and pretty much don’t deviate from them unless something catches your eye on Yahoo! or a friend puts something up on FB (Facebook).

Since I decided to make success a study a few years back, I could hardly believe the wealth of information available for the incredible price of…zero, zip, zilch.

I’ve joined free newsletters and paid for ones that some financial advisors charge handsomely for. Crazy as it sounds, I’ve had better results those that were free.

But that doesn’t mean all free stuff is created equal. There are few and far between.

I forget who said it but I wholeheartedly agree with the man who said “the most expensive advice is free advice.”

Free advice is often what we get from friends and colleagues. The “winning” stock, the “risk-free” investment, the “best” techniques…unfortunately the advice we get is only as good as its source as I make a point of in my book, iSucceed.

But there are those sites out there offering information that I would willingly pay for.

And that’s what I’m going to do today.

A while back I was introduced to a site that is what I like to call one of my little “secret treasure troves” by a good friend.

It’s one that anyone in business, health, marketing, and success should add to their must-see sites.

Starting out in any field, it’s not unusual to turn to the big sites and big name guys that get all the attention, but that doesn’t automatically make them the best, just the most popular or most attractive.

The fantastic thing about this site is that the creator has gone out and interviewed some of the best names out there and put everything together in one easy-to-access site.

It’s click, click and away you go.

Millionaires in their fields of expertise many times over. It’s crazy how good this site is and I’m almost hesitant to reveal it but that’s what this site is all about, me sharing the best ideas, techniques, stories and principles that will help make a difference in your lives.

So just what is this amazing site?

It’s Michael Senoff’shardtofindseminars.com,

This is like a one-stop shopping mart for anyone interested in improvement.

These interviews are solid, in-depth interviews that pack a real punch. Many of the concepts revealed within them are worth their weight in gold. And not only has he got the MP3 recordings available there but also the transcripts of each interview allowing you to choose your preferred method of study. Or if you’re like me, use them both.

I wish I could say I’ve gotten through them all but as most of them are about an hour long, I’ve gone with those that my friend recommended to me.

It’s hard to say which ones to start with as they cover so many areas but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Robert Kiyosaki – personal finance
  • Jack Canfield – self-development
  • Wally Amos – passion
  • Brian Tracy – business
  • Tom Hopkins – sales
  • John Carlton – copywriting
  • Harvey Zimel – business exit strategy
  • Willie Crawford – joint ventures

There’s something for everyone on this site and even the ones you might not think are up your alley may surprise you – I really liked the interview on how a guy became a millionaire self-publishing his own book, to save you time just click here, if you’re interested in checking that one out.

One site, a wealth of information…for the grand total of zilch.

Pretty hard to beat that.

Adrian Shepherd

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