27 awesome movies you’ve probably never heard of


Success, time management, business, marketing, happiness…

These are the common themes that run throughout my blog posts.

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time now you’ll know that I broach the same topics again and again, just from a different angle.

But in person, unless it’s work, I tend to keep things on the light side.

I love movies, board games, food, karate, rock climbing, magic, yoga, taking photos, playing with my son and reading a good book.

But many of these I picked up in my 30s, before meeting the woman of my dreams, I spent most of my free time watching movies or hanging out with friends.

As such, I have amassed quite a collection of movies and estimate I have watched in the realm of 5,000 titles.

Now movies such as Die Hard, The Shawshank Redemption, Top Gun and Avatar, need no introduction, they have been forever etched into movie lore.

Some movies, however, fly under the radar and never get the credit they deserve, so tonight I thought I’d share with you some of my personal favorites that most people have either forgotten about or have never heard of. In no particular order:

  1. Frailty
  2. Fist of Legend
  3. Overboard
  4. Brewster’s Millions
  5. Galaxy Quest
  6. Without a Clue
  7. Remember the Titans
  8. Sliding Doors
  9. Babe
  10. Ice Princess
  11. Crimson Tide
  12. The Principal
  13. Private Parts
  14. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  15. Guilty as Sin
  16. Primal Fear
  17. Cellular
  18. Above Suspicion
  19. Shall We Dance (Japanese version)
  20. The Cutting Edge
  21. Basic
  22. Love, Cheat and Steal
  23. Leap Year
  24. Shutter
  25. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  26. Paycheck
  27. No Way Out

Now some of these movies have some star power behind them. Denzel Washington starred in two on my list. Richard Gere one. Kim Basinger one. You’ll even find Sean Connery in one. However, I find very few people have actually watched these awesome movies. Babe, for example, is a movie that many adults seem to think is a kid’s movie. I’ll be the first one to admit that it moves me to tears each time I watch it.

“Frailty” and “No Way Out” have some of the best surprise endings in movies ever, ranking up there with “Saw” which I consider the best ending ever and the clever, “The Usual Suspects.”

Of all the movies that made the list, the one that may ring a bell to some people is “Remember the Titans,” and for good reason, because if you’ve seen it, chances are you’ll never forget it. While it may be a movie about football, it’s so much more than that. And ranks in my top three movies of all time.

I suppose I should go through my collection again to see if I can find any other gems, but I figure that these will keep you going for a while.

Remember, life is not just about success and business.

It’s about building the life you want. Everyone from time to time needs to just sit back and be taken on a journey into a world not our own. That’s what great movies do.

Any one of these movies will do just that. And they’re all well worth the $10 is costs to buy them through iTunes.

My son’s only six so he’s a little too young to enjoy many of these movies, but I look forward to the day that I’ll be able sit down and watch them with him.

So what are you waiting for? Put some popcorn in the microwave. Grab a drink. Sit back and relax.

You’ve in for an awesome movie.

Adrian Shepherd

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